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Global Beauty is the world's global center for beauty products and trends. We strive to promote the intercultural interaction in the beauty and cosmetics field. From romantic Paris, extravagant New York to the elegant streets of Tokyo, we are there to collect the newest beauty styles and innovations for your needs. In step with the major beauty counters in Europe and the Pacific Rim, we are able to deliver the world's most prestigious and newest cosmetics to you at the convenience of a click. Global Beauty gets you in line with the newest releases and trends in the beauty industry - you rival in speed with those residing in Paris or in Tokyo.

Global Beauty has also incorporated one of the hottest new trends - eyelash extensions supplies into our collection. One of the most highly rated and popular source for eyelash extensions products in Korea, our eyelash extensions collection is not only premium in quality, but also a master collection of art. Each and every item has been carefully selected for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Global Beauty is proud to be the first to provide the Revolutionary Y-Lashes, Magical Lashes, Mink Lashes and Gel Glue Removers to North America in 2007. As well, we are the first to reveal the techniques and applications of these new types of lashes to the eyelash extensions field, as well as introducing the technique of body tattoo. With Global Beauty, you can always ensure to catch the newest trend and incorporate them into your business.

In 2008, we also introduced three new hot items - W Lashes, Dramatic Lashes and Diamond Lashes. W-Lashes are the newest invention from Global Beauty, along with Dramatic Lashes and Diamond Lashes. Diamond Lashes are available exclusively at Global Beauty and not yet sold anywhere else in North America. As a gratitude for our clients, we offered these shimmering lashes as gifts for a limited time. The newest eyelash extension trend - Global Beauty designers have invented Lash Decor series in 2009 for the rich enhancement of eyelash extensions. Creating a new look and enlarging the eyes for a shocking effect.

In 2010, Global Beauty was proud to introduce Authentic Mink Lashes, 100% hand selected with a perfect curl and absolute natural and weightless. This brings eyelash extensions to a whole new level - the ultimate perfect lash for a flawless, celebrity and glamorous look. This is the hottest celebrity trend - wear what the celebrities truly wear. Global Beauty continues to be the pioneer in the eyelash field and keeps being the vanguard of new eyelash trends and products. In 2011, we present to you the specially designed Hollywood Series Super Lashes. Hollywood Series are designed with two concepts in mind: super easy application and super fast application. Hollywood Series are specially manufactured for celebrities and so it is ultra smooth and easy to use, saving time in make-up and creating beautiful eyes. These are a big hit in beauty salons because they create elegant, marvelous eyelashes in minutes.

On the top of the beauty trend, Global Beauty presented the flawless Silicone Eyelash Series in 2012. 100% hand-made and hand-crafted, these beautiful eyelashes have such a high quality that none of the other false lashes on the market can compare. Weightless, light, natural, with ultra soft silicone rim, these comfortable, versatile eyelashes are the biggest hit of the season. Global Beauty is also the pioneer in 2013 to bring the most glamorous Celebrity Siberian Mink Strip Lashes to the market - these strip real mink lashes were only used by celebrities, now Global Beauty offers them at an affordable price, so that everyone will have a chance of the celebrity treatment. These 100% real mink lashes are hand-made with the utmost care. They are softer than silk, has a natural glow, and are extremely natural. In 2014, we are proud to once again be the pioneer for horsehair lashes, super soft lashes that are only 1/3 the thickness of synthetic fiber. This is absolutely the newest sensation in the eyelash industry.

Thanks again for your support and giving us the motivation to create new, wonderful inventions for the eyelash extensions field. We hope you enjoy your stay here and please check back often, as we updated our site frequently with the newest and hottest beauty items.

Thank you.

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